Top 11 Biggest Gambling Wins

Top 11 Biggest Gambling Wins

Top 11 Biggest Gambling Wins

For most of us, winning a jackpot is often one of those farfetched dreams that we keep having when we’re building castles in the air. It always seems like an illusion, but it is true people win great sums of money.  Unfortunately, many punters usually find themselves on the other side of the coin: we don’t turn out to be victorious as we had expected. Instead, we end up losing one bet after the other. To show you that there’s still a flickering light at the end of the tunnel, we are about to show you clean proof that gambling can pay off huge rewards. So, you should not give up because just yet, Lady Luck could soon come knocking on your door just like she did for the 11 biggest winners in the history of gambling. Let’s get started:

Biggest Football Bet Win

So far, this is the biggest football win in the history of online sports betting.  Carri Faulkner, a 38-year-old housewife, won the massive £574,278.41 from Leysdown-on-sea a William Hill branch. What makes this reward even sweeter is that this lady won this sum of money out of a mere £1 accumulator that had 12 teams on it. She wasn’t even sure that she could win, but she just bought the accumulator slip anyway, and she picked the 12 teams that ‘sounded good’ to her when her son was reading them out loud. There was no skill involved here, just pure luck!

Biggest Lottery Win

Generally, lotteries are known for the biggest wins across the globe. For starters, the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, a Spanish lottery, is regarded as the world’s largest. It always takes place during Christmas and has a prize pool of a whopping £720 million that is split between multiple of winners. In the United States, lucky winners also rake in the rewards of some pretty hefty jackpots. For instance, back in January 13th 2016, somebody won the Powerball Mega Million, which is considered to be the largest jackpot in the US.  In Europe on the other hand, £161.7 million was won on 12th July 2011, the largest jackpot ever won in Europe’s lottery.

Biggest Win on Deal or No Deal

Amongst the wins involved in the ever so entertaining Deal or No Deal show, this one was the biggest. A banker gets lucky when a lady Jen, who is a part-time teaching assistant thought that dealing £10,000 on a week board was a wise move. After making that wrong decision, it automatically saved the banker the £490,000 that was lurking. Just like that, the banker won!

Biggest Roulette Win

Unlike what most people think, Roulette is a game of chance that is not governed by any kind of skill. And even though the house usually has an advantage for the majority of rewarding betting options, people still do win big in the game. One of those lucky lads is Ashley Revell who won $135,000. He pulled a ‘Hail Mary’ and wagered all his life savings and fortunately for him, his prayers were answered. Sure enough, fortune favours the bold! And still, on the Devil’s Wheel game, another lucky winner named Mike Ashley hit a total of $820,000 in payout. However, his story is not the rare rags to riches kind of tales; by the time he was winning the prize, he was already billionaire businessman. In fact, most football fanatics already recognise him. He is the proud owner of the Newcastle Football Club. It looks like roulette fortunes have a thing guys with the name Ashley!

Biggest Casino Win

A casino is a place where anything can happen, and a few guys have been lucky enough to win some pretty huge sums of money while enjoying their favourite games. For starters, there’s Archie Karas who worked as a waiter in a casino and mastered how to play table games. He collected great wealth amounting to a gross high of 40 million dollars in playing poker and craps alone in the casino in a winning streak that lasted for two good years! Another victorious lad, Elmer Sherwin, landed on a cool $4.6 million on a Megabucks slot in 1989; we all know that the odds of winning from a Megabucks slot are 1 to 50 million, but he continued till 2005 where he won 2.5 million dollars again. What are the chances of getting that lucky twice? Then, there is a renown Norwegian gambler who goes by the name of Peter. He constantly played Arabian Knights, a progressive jackpot slot and won €11.7 million from that game alone.

Biggest Blackjack win

Blackjack has been played for centuries, and as much as there are plenty of guys who lose at it, there are also lots of lucky winners who manage to beat the dealer to win remarkable sums. Kerry Packer who had an excellent gambling career and made history of winning $20 million in 40 minutes at the games of blackjack! Don Johnson, the CEO of Heritage Development LLC on the other hand also landed a total of $15.1 million by playing blackjack in several Atlantic City casinos in his 2011 winning streak, without counting cards. A while back in 1975, Ken Uston who mastered the mathematical bits of the 21-game managed to win a total of $4.5 million from many casino venues across the US. And finally, there was a guy named “Shoeless Joe” whose real identity was never revealed. Rumour has it that he was an elderly man who managed to achieve a winning streak of $1.5 million.

Biggest Poker Wins

Poker is one of the most prestigious gambling games to date, and if you can be a poker pro, you are highly respected in the gambling community. The greatest poker player of all time, Daniel Negreanu managed to win a total of $34 million, and since then, nobody has broken that record he set. He is followed closely by Erik Sidel who earned 33 million dollars almost breaking the record set by Daniel, but he missed it by a cool million! Another pro, known as Dan Colman, who stands in the third position, beat the great Negreanu with a $1 million drop in one of the high roller tournaments by setting a record of earning $22.38 million from it. Recently, a 22-year-old Fred Holz also has moved up to the fifth position in the list by making a couple of high winning streaks over the past four years.

Biggest Craps Wins

Craps, James Bond favourite game, may not be played much but there is a good number of people who have benefitted from the game, walking away with millions in payout money. First, there was Fujitake Stanley who managed to win 1 million dollars after 3 hours in a Hotel Casino in California. And then, in 2009 Patricia Demauro broke the record set by Fujitake by making 154 rolls after 4 hours which is 36 more rolls than Fujitake and collected a total of 5 million dollars. In the 80s, there was a person nicknamed “The Phantom Gambler” who would walk in a casino with two duffle bags, where one was full of money while the other one was empty. Then, he would gamble all the money in Craps; one time he won almost $770K, packed them all in his bags and walked away!

Biggest Gambling Wins

Over the last few years, there have been major gambling winnings that will blow your mind! In 2014, Phil Ivey, a well-known professional casino gambler took home with him almost $9 million in a single night. Other than that, there 76-year granny who won a total of $590 million in power ball lottery. There was another software Engineer from Los Angeles who was waiting for a basketball game deposited just a mere $100 bill and in turn won a total of $39.7 million! Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who was a waitress at a casino tried the megabucks jackpot 8 times, and in the ninth time, she won over $34 million, talk about life-changing luck!  Additionally, on the march of 2002, a 74-year-old Johanna Heundi tried his luck on a casino by depositing $170 and won over $22.6 million from a Megabucks machine.

Biggest Slot Wins

Just like any other casino game, slots can also be quite rewarding. On August 22, 2014, Linda and Walter Misco of Chester New Hampshire won $2.4 million from a progressive jackpot slot, “Lion’s Share at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  On the same year, on December 10th another undisclosed person hit a slot jackpot amounting to $14.3 million.  And while playing the same mega buck’s slot, a woman decided to cash in $6 in a slot machine and before you know it she had hit a $12.7 million jackpot. And the ‘mega bucks’ landed on the MegaBucks slot machine don’t end there. On December 5, 2013, another player won almost $10.3 million after depositing in that very game. Why don’t you try this game and see how things go for you? You never know!

Biggest Win in Las Vegas

Is it possible for the same player to land on millions of dollars from the slot machine, twice? Well, in Las Vegas, a World War II Veteran, Elmer Sherwin did it twice. First, he won himself $4.6 million from a Mega Buck’s slot. He came back and continued to play in the same slot hoping to win some more, and after 16 years of spinning the same reals over and over again, he won $21 million from the same slot machine! Another instance is when a 71-year-old lady named Amy Nishimura went to Las Vegas for a vacation and managed to hit $4.8 million jackpot. She accomplished this after playing for only 3 hours and by depositing less than $100 in the process. In the same place, Vegas, a woman won $680,000. So instead of her going out and enjoy her victory, she continued playing after some weeks and hit another jackpot. But this time it was way bigger than a couple thousand dollars; it was a massive $21 million!

You Could Be Next?

Well, you expected to find a roundup of 11 big winners only, but since we wanted to show you the kind of possibilities that await you, we’ve given you even more! So, if you’ve been hesitant or unsure about spending your time and money gambling, you should think twice. Your jackpot could be right around the corner: if you don’t give it a try, you will never know!

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