How to win, play and beat on slot machines

How to win, play and beat on slot machines

How to win, play and beat on slot machines

Slot Machines FAQ — Concise Answers to the Most Asked Questions

The term ‘Slot machines’ seems an easy concept for gaming enthusiasts but the same phrase triggers countless questions in the minds of new-comers. To kill your curiosity, we have listed down some of the most common enquiries and answered each of them, once and for all.  So go through the concise answers given below in order to master the game.

  • How do slot machines work?

The mechanism that modern video slots follow is based entirely on RNG (Random Number Generator) and House Edge. While the former takes care of randomness in outcomes, the latter determines the probability of a certain combination, ensuring a tiny profit margin for the casino from the very beginning.

  • What is an annuity?

Just as an annuity in financial terms refers to the amount paid out over a period of time, similarly in slot machines, it’s the jackpot sum usually paid over in installments during a long period, either 10 or 25 years or so. This happens because of strict regulations at gaming destinations. Moreover, players are discouraged from withdrawing it as a lump sum amount because it’s taxable.

  • What is the hit frequency?

Much like payback percentage and house edge, hit frequency is the rate at which winning combinations land on slot machines. In this respect, both the factors share an inverse relationship, whereby a slot that hits a jackpot more often and offers small wins, usually feature a low payback percentage. Indirectly, all of these hints at the profitability of a game, which is nothing but an outcome of a suitable combination of payback percentage and hit frequency.

  • How do wild symbols work?

A wild symbol plays the role of a wild card in a round of poker. It represents a missing symbol, thereby acting as a proxy for landing a winning combination at a slot machine. For instance, if you ever play Ghost Rider, a Playtech speciality from your desktop, and land 4 similar symbols and a wild at the same time, then you will be paid off for landing 5 identical icons on the reel. Therefore, the wild plays its part in completing a winning combination.

  • How do scatter symbols work?

Traced mostly in modern video slots, scatter symbols are icons that create instant payoff, irrespective of paylines. In simple words, it provides players with an opportunity to draw payments whenever a host of scatter icons appears on the screen. Although these are mostly experienced in contemporary video slots, 243 ways slots too have a similar feature, whereby almost every symbol appearing on it play the role of a scatter.

  • What are bonus games and how do they work?

A bonus game is a mini-game, activated when a player lands certain symbols to trigger it. Scatters are such icons on which it all depends. On such thrilling rounds, punters, either as free spins or as ‘spin a wheel’ challenge, win prizes. In the latter case, prizes are hidden under the symbols. Such is the mechanism of bonus games!

  • How do progressive jackpots work?

From the inherent title ‘progressive jackpot’, it is evident that such a payout grows as the game progresses. What fuel such an enormous jackpot are tiny percentages extracted from the bets placed by gamers.   However, progressives do not limit themselves to a single type; instead, arrive in three main sorts. While some are standalone ones, whereby the progressive jackpot increases as a player spins the wheels, others are network-based ones that have their jackpots all connected. In the latter case, each of the games contributes to the bonanza. There is another thing called the wide area progressive jackpot, wherein slots are networked across multiple online gambling zones. An exemplary case here is that of Megabucks, where the prize money starts from a minimum of $10 million, reaching an all-time high of $39.7 million or so.

  • Are slot machines rigged?

Games can be rigged but only mathematically. Designed in a way, it does not allow the house to take control over the entire stretch of playing session or the individualised outcomes by any means. However, the mechanism in slots differs slightly.   In a slot machine, the odds of winning stay the same and independent of playing sessions. For instance, if the chance of landing a jackpot combination is 1 out of 1000, then even after winning, the odds of winning stay the same. Essentially, online gaming hubs don’t need to rig their games, as the mathematical calculations itself pays off.

  • Are online slot machines legal?

The legality of casino games varies from one geographical region to another. For instance, players aren’t prohibited to play online in the US, using real money. However, the same country forbids casino operators to run a site without a proper license. Even sports betting are illegal here.   Nonetheless, in countries like the United Kingdom, gaming enthusiasts are free to bet on the slots of their choice. There are no legal obligations binding players here.

  • Are slot machines really random?

Slot machines, available online or at land-based casinos, are controlled by an RNG (Random Number Generator). This ensures randomness in outcomes by splitting out haphazard numbers within a given range. These are then linked to the icons of a game and a handful of them appearing in an appropriate order triggers a winning combination or even a jackpot. In order to satiate the doubtful mind, nothing goes into the way of randomness, and regulatory bodies monitor the same, chiefly through inspection. In fact, slots are designed in a manner that would profit the casinos and give out less cash than what it takes away from players. As a matter of fact, these don’t need to be rigged in order to maintain the nominal profit margin, set by casino operators.

  • Can casinos change the payouts on slot machines?

This is quite a common question clouding a player’s mind. In fact, gamers doubt casino operators of modifying a machine’s payout. However, flipping a switch, just to turn off the winning from it for a while, is not at all possible.   Of course, theoretical payout percentage (RTP) can be fine-tuned, but for that, casino operators would have to adopt a sneaky way. The process is so cumbersome, requiring the service of a mechanic, who would have to turn it off for a while just to alter the game technicalities that it’s never ever going to happen. So keep playing without losing your peace of mind.

  • How to win on slot machines?

There’s a secret to winning jackpots. Players, who place the maximum bet, usually come out a winner. In order words, it indicates wagering on maximum paylines, in order to enjoy gratifying payouts as rewards. This is not just a secret but also an eligibility condition demanded on every spin.

  • How much do slot machines cost to play?

To lay it on the line, everything depends on the collection of slot machines. As all of them are adaptable by nature, these arrive either as penny slot or as machines resembling those present in casino VIP departments. In fact, certain games even cost hundreds and thousands of dollars on every spin.

  • How big are slot machine jackpots?

Jackpots won in slots can go as high as thousands of credits from a range of inexpensive ones or even extend to tens of thousands in case of expensive ones. It all depends on the paytable and the player’s speculative power. An exemplary case of jackpots reaching an all-time high happened around March, in the year 2003. A lad, who played from Los Angeles, won a life-changing jackpot of about $39.7 million. A sum of $100 was placed as a bet on a slot machine— Megabucks. This has so far been the highest payout till now.

  • How do you choose the right machine?

The right machines are those that suit a gamer’s bankroll. Apart from this, it all depends on personal preferences. For instance, 3-reeled games are tailored to serve punters who wish to hit a grand jackpot but also willing to accept low-hit frequency.   On the other hand, video slots escorting large jackpots, better suit a gamer willing to settle for the same, along with a modest amount of small wins to counterbalance it.   However, video slots accompanying pick’em windfalls happen to be the first choice of gamblers eagerly looking out for entertainment instead of jackpots. Therefore, it all comes down to preferences.

  • How to play slot machines?

Placing a bet on slots definitely involves strategies. However, none of them has the power to change what appears on the screen. Still, a decent play without risks, demands money management and placing bets, which one can afford. On encountering a loss, it’s better to relax before jumping into another session or trimming down the bet amount to a nominal sum. However, when luck turns in favour, it’s always better to come down to a conscious choice. Putting it in session bankroll is ideal if a player is sure about his/her next move. Otherwise, it’s wise to put it aside, to be taken home.

  • Does it matter when you play? Do slots pay more at less busy times?

The odds of winning are constant, irrespective of the time of the day. No matter how active the casino is, at the time of play, the probability of hitting a jackpot will stay the same. So it’s nothing but a myth. In fact, wins are witnessed more in crowded casinos as a large group of punters spin the wheels, exploring opportunities aggressively.

  • How to beat slot machines at a casino?

Luck is not the only factor governing wins. Having a strategy, being smart with funds and knowing the machines better is another way out to beat the slots at any of those casinos, be it Vegas or elsewhere.

  • Who invented slot machines?

Slot machines are a brainchild of Charles August Fey, an American inventor, hailing from Bavaria. The very first slot machines had 3-reels, 5 symbols and an automatic mechanism. The icons were diamonds, Liberty Bell, horseshoes, hearts and spades.

  • How do you reset slot machines?

Although the reset mechanism varies from one slot to another, the basic technique is through the insertion of a key. The same has to be turned inside the key slot in order to complete the process successfully.


As you see, slots are not much complex. The key to understanding them better is by going through the common questions, enquired by gamblers worldwide. The FAQ section here tries to answer each of them just to clear up your doubts and prepare you for an amazing journey.

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