How to Win on Slot Machines

How to Win on Slot Machines

How to Win on Slot Machines

Casino slot wins can be elusive at times mainly due to the plethora of bad advice that oozes from some internet sources. Depending on unreliable guides and tips might prove costly to some gamblers. It is prudent to sift through the hullabaloo and get tips and secrets that will help you successfully spin yourself to victory. Some of the best ways to win at slots are simple and practical. Most of them require a player to take a personal initiative. This guide takes you through ten tricks that show you how to win on slot machines.

Slot Machines and How They Work

Before heading into the substance of this guide, it is wise to understand what slot machines are and how they work. The best way to go about this is to demystify slot features, game mechanics, and also the potential risks associated with slot machines. Ultimately, this will give you an idea of what mistakes are commonly made by slot enthusiasts and how best to avoid these mistakes.  Slot machines are casino games of chance that are played by pulling a lever and setting a set of reels in motion. The primary aim is to align matching symbols on an active payline. Very often, each of the symbols has a corresponding payout value which the player wins when they match the symbols on an active payline. A payline is a pattern that is used to determine matched symbols. Traditionally, only one payline existed. This was the horizontal payline. If three similar symbols occurred on this payline, then the player would be victorious. However, the evolution of slot games has witnessed an increase in the number of payline fashions.

Slot games may have up to 243 paylines. Some slots will give the player the option of activating only some of the lines while others demand that all lines be active in every spin. The number of active lines is used to compute the player’s total win per spin. A slot player has to place a bet on each line. It is universal that the base wager for one line replicates over all the others. Slot symbols come in different shapes and nature.

There are two sets of slot symbols, ordinary symbols, and special symbols. Ordinary icons occur in all slot machines. Special symbols may be present or not depending on the software provider, and can either be scatter symbols, wilds, or both. The special symbols have a unique purpose in the game. Wilds will substitute any of the ordinary symbols to complete a winning combination. Scatters are often used to activate the bonus games. Slots also have special features which are sometimes branded bonuses. These will help the player to achieve more wins since the bonus features contain incentives. Slot machines can be played in both online and brick and mortar casinos. The former offers more bonus features.

Slots use Random Number Generators to simulate randomness. The outcome of every spin is, therefore, unique. The RNGs use algorithms that cycle through many number combinations and stop the moment a player spins the reels. The outcome of the game will be displayed on the reels once they settle. Independent entities thoroughly scrutinize RNGs to prevent any instances of rigging. Since the outcomes of the spins are generated in simulated randomness, it is impossible to predict the outcome. Players should disregard any advice that insinuates that a slot game will pay out more at particular times.

The set of slots purely depends on chance. Only the player’s luck will determine what the result will be.   However, experienced gamblers and slots analysts have come up with a few hands-on methods, tricks, and tips that can help that player to maximize their winning streaks in slot machines. Listed below are ten instrumental secrets that when followed will help achieve more successful gaming sessions. We shall ensure that at the end of the read you will know how to win in online slots and local slot machines as well.

Tricks on How to Achieve More Wins in Slot Games

  • Beat the Slots with No Deposit Bonus Codes

No deposit bonus codes are rare. They are incentives offered by casinos or their affiliate programs to members of casinos. The codes can be used to claim no deposit bonuses which in turn can be used to fund slot activities. No deposit bonuses are nominal monetary or non-monetary bonuses that are given to members of online casinos. Their benefits are numerous. First, the bonus can be used to sample new slot games in the market. Since the player has extra funds to use as they please, they can test games they are unfamiliar with. Remember, before playing slots for real money, it is essential to know the nooks of the game.

Familiarize yourself with gameplay and bonuses and know how the symbols payout. The only way a player can fund this pursuit without incurring a loss is by making use of no deposit bonuses.   Secondly, no deposit bonuses have little or no conditions attached to them. Online casinos impose wagering requirements on bonuses. The requirements demand that a player should wager a certain amount of money in the casino before withdrawing funds. Moreover, the bonus funds will have limitations on wagering.  However, all these conditions do not apply to no deposit bonuses. They can be used at whim. Thirdly, the bonus funds can be used without incurring any additional expenses.

A player does not have to put any money in their casino accounts before the bonus is advanced. They only have to register with the casino.   All in all, no deposit bonuses are essentially an invaluable advantage to the player. They provide the necessary cushion that a player needs to kick-start their slot gaming session.

  • Review the Casino Terms Every Time

Online casinos have different reward schemes for their members. Often, the rewards have strings which may ambush a player who is oblivious to the terms and conditions. A player needs to be ahead of the tide. Concerning slots, players need to look out for bonuses that have the most suitable requirements for slots. A keen perusal of the terms of the casino will divulge this information. While going through the terms, a player should consider the wagering limits for slots. Look for bonuses that offer low betting limits and no barriers as to cashing out. The dirty secret is that casinos will give the player enticing bonuses with many requirements for redemption. Some of the reflections to keep in mind when choosing a bonus for slots are:

  • Look for a bonus that has a rollover of 10x or less
  • Avoid bonuses that have a maximum withdrawal, and
  • Avoid bonuses that have a limit on the maximum winnings.
  • Quit While You Are on Top

Knowing your limits is more of a personal choice than a strategy. It requires a lot of discipline and training. However, it can easily be achieved by setting loss limits. Before engaging in any slot games, it is vital to know what loss you are willing to take and stick to it. The thrill of slots often gets to a player and leads to unintended and substantial losses. Players often continue playing after they have lost so that they can recover lost amounts by increasing the size of the next wager. While it may be fruitful if successful, the risk of loss is over the top. It is not recommended. The best time to stop is when you are winning. The saying goes “quit while you are on top”. The longer a player keeps going, the more susceptible they are to losing. In case you are running a loss, quit when you reach your loss limit. Never chase losses.

  • Where to Play Slots

There many types of slot machines. The slots differ with volatility. If a slot machine is high volatile, it means that it will take a player more time to win any money from that slot. However, if it is low volatile, the slot will pay out consistently or in somewhat regular periods. The only catch is that slots with higher volatility will pay high amounts while those with lower will only give small wins. The latter option is the better of the two. However, they are tough to come by. These machines are usually spread over the casino strategically. The higher paying slots are placed in more conspicuous spaces where everyone can witness the wins. The proviso is that some machines that are in visible areas may not always be the better. For instance, airports slots are highly visible but have been known to be some of the worst slots in the business. Airports take advantage of the mass transit of people to mask the idea of volatility. It is best to avoid slots in areas where people consistently come and go without spending much time on the slots. Stick to casinos or betting shops for a more efficient experience. Online casinos also have loose slots. The constant stream of online players makes it possible for the operators to offer machines with better odds and high RTP percentages.

  • Random Jackpots

Jackpots are the stars of the slots world. They may be fixed or progressive. Fixed jackpots have a maximum payout that does not change. Progressive slots increase their maximum payout each time players bet and do not win. Gamers are split when it comes to playing progressive slots. One side considers playing progressives as a long shot and even compares it to winning the lottery. This is because the maximum payout of progressive slots fluctuates from time to time. A section of the players’ bets is usually used to fund the jackpot pool. Essentially, as more players lose, the jackpot amount increases. Some gamers are skeptic that the loss of players benefits the pool. On the other hand, other gamers propose to say that the progressive slots are the only money makers in the slots industry. While it may be difficult to win the jackpot, the amount to be won can make the life of a gamer very easy. This school of thought seems to subscribe to the notion that progressive slots are worth the wait and difficulty.

  • Free Spins

Free spins are some of the best ways to beat the slots. Regardless of how they might be found, free spins are the upper hand a gamer needs. Free spins offer a player the chance to start building their bankroll for free. Besides being easy to learn the ropes of new slots, bonus spins can help the gambler win big rewards or even the jackpot.

  • Placing Wagers

Any slot gamer has probably heard that slots would be biased against those that fail to bet the maximum amounts. While this is a common misconception, bet manipulation can be used to the player’s advantage. Some slots will spew huge rewards if the player places equally large bets. Penny slots will give smaller rewards, and the jackpot amount of the penny slot might not be worth the effort. However, the general truth is that the probability of winning in slot games is almost the same. The advantage that higher bets give is higher rewards although with a higher risk involved.

  • Look at the Paytable

The paytable gives an idea of what amount can be won by aligning certain symbols. The information gathered from paytables is useful in that it can be used to determine whether a slot is worth the effort or not.

  • Play Free Slots First

Like everything else included on this list, free slots give the player an advantage. First, free slots are the equivalent of a test drive. They can be used to test the volatility and playability of a title before investing in it. Second, it is much more fun to play free slots without the burden of risk looming over your head.

  • Managing Your Bankroll

Even after considering all the preceding items, the basic knowledge on how to win slots lead to how well a player can manage their bankroll every time. The most effective what to manage your bankroll is to prioritize which slots are better to play. More funds should be invested in that game so that the player can dwell longer on such games. Wagering limits should also be considered when putting money aside for the slots.

In Brief

Success is only a spin away. A player will consistently win on slot machines in the UK by sticking to the secrets provide above.

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