Batman Begins slot
Batman Begins slot
Play for real money Batman Begins slot

Batman Begins slot

Batman Begins is a video slot introduced to the gaming audience by the famous software company “Playtech”. It is dedicated to the Batman: beginning masterpiece by Christopher Nolan. Needless to say, this was the very first piece of the historical series of Batman. The movie briefly was narrating the story of the plain man who chose to become a superhero instead of being just another normal guy. This led to a superb slot machine creation that featured a lot of characters, locations, bonuses, and other interesting features. Batman Begins slot has five reels and twenty paylines that are all activated in advance. Each line has a minimum bet of 0.1 cents and a maximum that goes up to 10 euro, which makes the minimum bet per spin round twenty cents and makes the maximum go up to two hundred euro for every spin. The game is also featuring standard symbols, wild symbols, scatter symbols, five locations, and other several bonus features.

A Dive into It

First, Batman: Beginning movie has six main characters which are represented by the six standard playing cards which are: Standard Symbols:

  1. Nine
  2. Ten
  3. Jack
  4. Queen
  5. King
  6. Ace
Game type
Video slots
Min bet
Max bet
Bonus rounds
Batman Begins slot
Wild Symbol
Batman Begins slot
Batman Begins slot
Scatter symbol
Batman Begins slot
Autoplay option
Batman Begins slot
Batman Begins slot
Free spins
Batman Begins slot

These standard symbols go by the known general rules of forming winning combinations. And the special symbol here which is the wild is possible to appear at all the reels with no limits, it can replace any standard symbol when needed to form a winning combination, and when it appears in the middle of reel 3, it will expand in a vertical direction and activate advanced features in the game. When it comes to the five locations featured in the game, we’d have to mention first that the game has five different levels, and here it is: Game Levels:

  • Level 1: The Temple.
  • Level 2: Wayne Manor.
  • Level 3: The Batcave.
  • Level 4: Arkham Asylum
  • Level 5: The Monorail.

Each of the mentioned above levels will have its unique wild card. The first level you’d have to go through will be The Temple, it’s represented as two meters with four scales place above one another and highlighted by the featured characters that are being dropped out in the middle of reel 3. When you get the bar fully loaded from either side left or right the game will move on to the next level. And here are the game wilds:

  • The Temple: The wild symbol is represented as a Flower that expands for four different cells and being placed at the 4 corners of the grid.
  • Wayne Manor: The wild symbol is represented as Petrol that is burning the cells next to it and turns them to extra wild cells after burning.
  • The Bat Cave: The wild symbol is represented as the famous Batmobile, Batman Begins free spins, and while doing these respins it is moving among the cells from one to another on the left side until it goes out of the grid and disappears.
  • Arkham Asylum: The wild symbol is represented as the Bat Signal, it can switch any icon on the grid to wild and if you made a winning combination because of it, it will trigger a multiplier that goes up to x50.
  • The Monorail: The wild here is represented as a Microwave; it is your best friend at forming combinations, it turns different icons on the playing grid into elements that look like each other.

How to Get Rich

The game is so wide, and it has tons of rules and playing strategy. But, one thing that is sure going to make you rich which is the jackpots the game is offering. Batman Begins casino slot machine online game is featuring a progressive jackpots option, the amounts of the jackpots are being piled up because of the deductions that are being done by the game vendor on all the bets done by the players. These deductions have the value of 0.99% and here are the amounts of it:

  • Mini: 100 Euro
  • Minor: 1000 Euro
  • Major: 10,000 Euro
  • Grand: 200,000 Euro

What’s very special about these jackpots is that it could be drawn while the player is in the middle of a regular spin but at a different screen. Within this bonus round, you will need to uncover colorful cells, and to win one of the jackpots, here is what you’ll need to gather:

  • Mini: You’ll need to collect two green lights.
  • Minor: You’ll need to collect three blue lights.
  • Major: You’ll need to collect four yellow lights.
  • Major: you’ll need to collect five red lights.

Final Word

In order to summarize the pros and cons of Batman Begins game here’s what we’ll indicate: Advantages: It features a topic that already has a very wide fan base and very interesting, the locations introduced in the game is unique, it has a very different wild symbols combinations and features, it has more than one kind of jackpots and impressive winnings, and finally the animations in the game is very well made. Disadvantages: Since you will probably play Batman Begins for real money, you’d need to know prior that it has a low RTP index, and it is also limited to some countries not globally.

Batman Begins slot
Screenshots of Batman Begins slot
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