Emoji Planet Slot

  • Software:NetEnt
  • Slot Type:Video Slots
  • Paylines:
  • Reels:6
  • Jackpot:2 000 000
  • RTP:96.4%
  • Slot features:Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers

World of Emojis

Emojis have moved toward becoming an incredible prevailing fad in recent years, as phone users learn how to communicate through hieroglyphic style icons that apparently would be more proper in Ancient Egypt. This is an aftereffect of individuals imparting less by their voice and more by their instant messages. NetEnt understands this and has built up their Emoji Planet online. The game brings a goofy emoticon look and feels to players, as you attempt to combine like icons on your phone’s screen. This is a six-reel, cluster pays style video slot that happens on a cell phone's screen and has a splendid, almost gameshow style artwork to it.

An Internet Culture Explosion

We've seen a lot of innovative titles originate from the developers’, maybe nothing so unique as this game, notwithstanding – their most recent video machine, now being appropriated to online casinos all over the world. As the name probably indicated, this fun, action-stuffed game utilizes advances emojis as its center, centralized theme, and everything from icons found on the reels, to the principal feature, is based on the enlivened pictures which smartphones and social media users have depended on for a long time to show their feelings to companions, and at their mood, without using ordinary phrases and words.

  1. Theme: There are a few emoji themed online slots doing the rounds on the net right now, and this is the developers’ own version. Emoji Planet free is very unlike the other rival emoji themed slots, however, since it’s a cluster-pays style game. With its cutting-edge cluster pays setup and its emoji symbols on the reels, it is difficult to think about a more contemporary online slot machine than this.
  2. Symbols: Guessing the icons list is very simple. What else could a game titled Emoji Planet be than emoticons? Snickering smileys are there, alien emoticons also. Rockets and pizzas complement the rundown of five primary symbols which incorporate bombs, kissing lips and a couple of blue hearts. These five are in plain view on the right side of the screen and will hit the center of the stage once the gamblers have triggered the dedicated unique features.
  3. Graphics: Take a gander at the Emoji Planet game, and you will promptly feel like you've strolled into a living portrayal of the present-day Internet. The cartoonish designs of emoticon culture are everywhere on this amusement, on the reels themselves as well as in the many animated moving parts that are always flying about the background. Since this comes as a piece of programming by Netflix, this is altogether made using splendid colors and fantastic designs, obviously, and regardless of all the commotion, the slot is still to a great degree simple to explore.
  4. Sound Effect: When you play Emoji Planet for real money, you will be introduced to a melody that you might have never come across before. The sound gives you the feeling of being in a contemporary online casino. You will be immersed in the feeling and owing to this, you will definitely come back for more.
  5. Jackpot: Emoji Planet slot has six reels of unadulterated and clean emoticon fun and 20 pay lines to give you the odds and potential chances of winning. From a wager scope of $0.01 to $1, which is absolutely reasonable, you can possibly get the 10,000x multiplier jackpot. No big surprise it has an incredible value rating with an RTP of 96.4%.


  • Emoji Planet casino slot online utilizes a similar Avalanching-reels structure we have seen made so well-known in Gonzo's Quest – and this is the first reward you will see.
  • Obviously, there is extraordinary "reward round" features too, and as you play you will see five distinctive Emoji Meters along the edge of your screen.
  • Each time an icon is decimated, it climbs the Emoji Meter, and when you figure out how to fill a meter in full, it will grant an uncommon reward, which can incorporate free spins, sticky wild re-spins, and many more!

Texting for Fun and Profit

When you play Emoji Planet slot machine online, you will promptly understand this isn't intended to be a normal online slot machine. The entire flavor and the atmosphere of the amusement is silly and lighthearted, progressively reminiscent of a social amusement you may play on Facebook than a genuine gambling machine. That is by layout, obviously: this is a title that is extremely endeavoring to market itself to a large number of audiences, one that is more acquainted with smileys and emoticons than progressive jackpot and second screen rewards. Lastly, the simple playstyle is entirely part of the fun, making this vibe a great deal like a genuine game as opposed to just an approach to put down wagers. If that is enough to get some non-customary card sharks, the developers will consider this creation an accomplishment.