Pirate slot
Pirate slot
Play for real money Pirate slot

Pirate slot

If you want to enjoy a ship raiding adventure, then play the Pirate Slots created by Gamesos. This slot has five reels and nine paylines. There is the lowest bet of one coin and highest bet of twenty-five coins. Do you wish to hit a jackpot of five thousand pounds? Read on to find out more about how to play this game and become the latest millionaire in town.

Symbols and Characters of the Pirate Casino Slot Online Game

Piracy was generally a life of raiding and conquering of ships deep in the seas. Pirates used tactics to achieve this goal and expand their territories. Their ways of living have clearly been illustrated in most casinos online, and are divided into two sets.

Game type
Classic slots
Min bet
Max bet
Bonus rounds
Pirate slot
Wild Symbol
Pirate slot
Pirate slot
Scatter symbol
Pirate slot
Autoplay option
Pirate slot
Pirate slot
Free spins
Pirate slot
Pirate slot
Pirate slot

First set


  • Bandit flags
  • Parrot
  • Compass direction
  • Canon

Second set


  • Treasure maps
  • Gold reserve
  • Treasure chest
  • Pirate ship

Serene Atmosphere of the Pirate Slot Game

You will realise that the beautiful sandy beaches characterise the graphics used to develop this slot. Furthermore, the clear blue waters of the sea complement the background.

This means that as much as piracy was a life of raiding ships and looting chests of treasures, it took place in a beautiful environmental setting.

Be sure to enjoy a soothing melody as you expand your territories and collect chests of treasure.

Superior Symbol of the Pirate slot

  • Symbol of the captain. This is an exceptional image that if included in any combination will land you big money.

Note that this symbol will offer you a reward of close to two thousand times the amount placed as the wager.

How to Play Pirate Slot Machine Online

Every game in the betting industry requires the player to stick to all the rules. The first rule is to follow every step of opening the game. In this case, you start by pressing the button (+ and –). Next is setting the amount you want to wager on.

Key Features of the Slot

As you play pirate slots for real money, you will notice that it does not have the same features as the other slots in the gaming industry.

  • The wild symbol- This is common in other slots for making replacements for other symbols. In this slot, this symbol is not available.
  • The scatter symbol-This rewards players the chance of enjoying free spins. You will notice in this slot that this symbol is not available.
  • Free spins- Most slots offer this reward once the scatter symbol has been located. Since the scatter symbol will not be available in this slot, it means that you will not be able to make free spins on the reels.
  • Bonus round- the rule of other game slots states that a player gets rewarded with a bonus round once a winning combination has been found. In this slot, this rule does not apply. So it is important not to expect chances of bonus rounds as you will be undertaking pirate activities of collecting treasures and hijacking ships.

Are you a first time player and wondering whether you will get a refund of your money once you realise a loss? Well, fear not because this slot will offer you a ninety-six point four nine percent RTP. So as you will be engaged in pirate activities, ensure that you loot as much as you can and in case you do not hit the target, you will still recover your hard earned money.

How to Win Pirate Slot Free Online Game

Do you want to win a free from cheats prize that is two thousand times more than the bet amount? The strategy is to look for the winning arrangement of every playline.

Winning Combinations

In this case, you need to follow a few tips. First is to get the first set of symbols that is the canon, compass direction, and parrot and bandit flag together with two any other symbols.

Note: if you happen to land two symbols of the second set that is the gold reserve, pirate ship, treasure chest, and treasure maps then you are sure to win big.

Raid Ships and Win

Fans of pirate movies are now able to win big money thanks to the introduction of this slot. With calm background features, this game proves to have the best graphics in the gaming industry. All you need to do is gather winning combinations of the first set of symbols (the parrot, bandit flag, compass direction, and canon) plus two others that are of different kinds. To win a jackpot amount, you are required to get at least two symbols of the second set (The treasure maps, treasure chest, pirate ship, and the gold reserve). So choose to access this game either online or visit nearby casinos to take part in bandit activities of the sea and walk away a millionaire.

Pirate slot
Screenshots of Pirate slot
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