Tarzan slot
Tarzan slot
Play for real money Tarzan slot

Tarzan slot

The “Tarzan” mystery was created back in 1921 by the brilliant Edgar Rice Burroughs at the amazing novel “Tarzan of the Apes”. The story states that the son of a British lord was left alone in the African jungles and he was raised up only by Apes. Microgaming Company has brought the mystery back to life by their superb video slot casino online game Tarzan slot. Tarzan slot has five reels and forty paylines. It also allows a minimum bet of 40p which goes up to a maximum of £40 per spin round, and it’s playable on the desktop, tablet devices, and mobile phones.

It is introducing 3D visual animations and rendered symbols and backed up with a spectacular soundtrack.

How to Be Handle Tarzan at a Casino

Speaking of how to play Tarzan slot machine online, you’d first have to understand the interface and how it works. You’ll find six elements on the control panel of Tarzan game.

Game type
Video slots
Min bet
Max bet
Bonus rounds
Tarzan slot
Wild Symbol
Tarzan slot
Tarzan slot
Scatter symbol
Tarzan slot
Autoplay option
Tarzan slot
Tarzan slot
Free spins
Tarzan slot

Here are the six elements:

  • Credits: it shows the balance of the player account.
  • Bet: it allows the player to set his bet stake amount.
  • Win: it shows the winnings for the played spin.
  • Autoplay: it turns on the automatic playing mode.
  • Spin/Stop: This is where the player clicks to run a spin or stop it.
  • Pays: It opens up the paytable of the game as well as the rules.

In order to choose a bet stake amount, you’ll go to the special control panel that allows you to amend the quantity and value of the coins you’ll use.

Then, the Spin/Stop button will be used to start the spin and stop it in advance. Also, you’re allowed to use this button during the autoplay mode as well. In regards to reading the paytable that includes the general rules and the multipliers, you’d better use the Help icon, it explains all the gameplay details and the features and characteristics in this game model.

It is provided by many software and websites that allow playing all the game provided by Microgaming. But the only problem is that the majority of them only provide the browser version of the game for the desktop as well as the mobile version of Tarzan free game. You’re going also to be completely free while choosing the size of the displayed screen as well as some other options that makes you fully in control of your gaming experience.

And since you’re probably going to play Tarzan for real money, so you’ll need to know all about the symbols displayed in the game and what does it do. The symbols featured in this online slot are also the main heroes of Edgar Burroughs’ novel as well, in addition to some of the African jungle animals and some of the tropical fruits and berries.

The lower value symbols of the game are being an Archimedes, Ape, a Leopard or a panther, Chimpanzee, and some fruits like watermelon, Orange, apple and plum or berries.

Here are the featured special symbols:

  • Wild: It is displayed by the Tarzan logo and it can replace any other symbol except the bonus scatter symbol when needed to form a winning combination.
  • Bonus Scatter: It goes by a very simple scheme, if you got 3 scatter symbols on your screen at any cells that are next to each other, it will trigger a bonus round which only means extra winnings.

The Know How

By the end of the day, you should keep telling yourself that this is purely a luck game, so there are not much of rules or strategies that you might follow in order to hope for the highest profits possible, so here are some advice, not rules:

  • Optimal Rates: it is so not recommended that you bet at very low or very high stakes, it’s always recommended to choose a wisely medium sized stake. Doing this will leave you the chance of making decent winning and also making you avoid making century losses and maintain your positive balance. Since you’ll be playing Tarzan casino slot online, you should know first that this is a short cycle game and your winnings will drop out sooner than you think. You’ll need to play for a long time to make a fortune from this game but you’ll be sure of not being in debt by the end of playing.
  • Bankroll: You’ll also need to keep an eye on the balance of your deposits. If you already deposited 1/3 of the initial deposit then it’s time you should stop playing as at this point, carrying on playing is really dangerous for your financial well-being.
  • Keep Playing: keep a track of the number of rounds you play as the number of bets you stake in Tarzan slot has an impact on the number of winning combinations that can be formed. The more rounds you play, the higher the probability to win.

Final Words

It is very well known now amongst the online casinos’ community. It has a very interesting theme already and has a 3D rendered graphics. So along with plenty of bonus rounds and a very decent number of combinations, it now has been an addiction for some gamblers.

Tarzan slot
Screenshots of Tarzan slot
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