The Slotfather slot
The Slotfather slot
Play for real money The Slotfather slot

The Slotfather slot

If you are looking something more in the mature, you should check out the Slotfather slot. It is an online slot machine game taking from the concept of the movie ‘Godfather,’ and it does well to live up to expectations by offering you gameplay like no other.

Betsoft develops the Slotfather slot machine. It takes you deeper into the world of mobsters and organized crime, and it features 30 paylines with 5 reels. It is a classic casino interface with funny dialogues and interesting characters to make the gameplay an outstanding experience, in comparison to other slot games.

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Video slots
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The Slotfather slot
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The Slotfather slot
The Slotfather slot
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The Slotfather slot
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The Slotfather slot
The Slotfather slot
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The Slotfather slot

No matter who you are or the experience you bring to the table, you would have your share of the fun.

How to Play slotfather Slot Machine Online

Playing the Slotfather free game is not just about pushing the buttons. You have to push the right buttons and at the right time. You might be wondering how your chances of winning in a slot game are possible.

Do you know that the odds are in your favor to win big in comparison to a 2-year old that is just pushing buttons and spinning the reels? The Slotfather slots game involves smarts and tactics, and that’s just what you are going to do. Now, there are 4 different bonuses in the game.

They include the simple bonus round, the sneaky instant win bonus, the underboss scatter bonus and the mob bonus. The first is the simple bonus round. This bonus round is activated by hitting three Slotfather symbols on a pay line.

In this bonus, you would do a job for the Slotfather and collect the credit bonus. This bonus ends as you have a meeting with the Slotfather and receive a reward from him. In the mob bonus feature, there is also a multiplier.

There would be a gangster shooting at the screen with a Tommy gun, and you would be able to choose a bullet. Each bullet includes a free spin and multiplier. Getting this type of bonus on multiple pay lines would multiply the number of free spins you have by the number of pay lines.

The multiplier amount you obtain when you choose a bullet is multiplied by the number of credits you earn during the free spins. The Underboss Scatter earns you as much as 5000 credit for getting 5 underboss symbols on your pay line.

If you have the sneaky gangster next to the briefcase symbol on the first on the 1, 2, and 3 pay lines, the sneaky instant win is activated. You also get additional cash from the briefcase symbol.

How to Win

If you play a game that you have no idea of the steps to take to win, you are in for frustration. Winning is completely different from playing the Slotfather slot. You need all the skill set possible.

  • The bonus features, the free spins, and every other thing the game throws at you should be used as a stepping stone to winning. To win, you have to understand how to use all the features of the game to your advantage.
  • One of the major features to understand is the payout system. Understanding the payout system is important for all players. This online casino offers jackpots in the form of money as high as $5000.
  • You can make bets for each pay line, but the maximum bet you can make per spin is $150. The minimum is about $0.02 per spin. There are 30 pay lines in the game, and you have the liberty to choose as many as you want per spin.
  • If you can harness these well, you can guarantee your chances of larger wins. Also, note that there are many bonus features you can capitalize on throughout the game.
  • Winning is a priority, but nothing is more important than having fun. There is a strong possibility that you might struggle to win if you put a lot of pressure on yourself.
  • Relax and enjoy the Slotfather game, and watch things fall into place as you plan your every move wisely.

Finishing Touch

To sum it all up, the Slotfather casinos online slot game is one of the best online casino slots you can ever play. Its classic mob theme is just epic, and the gameplay is comparable to none.

The interface is as realistic as can be, and the gameplay gives you a chance to see life the way mobsters see it. You have to be careful though. A lot of going on, especially in dark alleyways and you don’t want to find yourself in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

You need your game face on at all times to ensure you win as big as possible. Have fun while playing the Slotfather casino slot online, since you can play Slotfather for real money while you do so.

The Slotfather slot
Screenshots of The Slotfather slot
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