Transformers slot
Transformers slot
Play for real money Transformers slot

Transformers slot

The Decepticons and Autobots fight over Cybertron. No matter which side gains Cybertron ground, you can be the ultimate winner when you play Transformers Slot machine online.

With engrossing gameplay and various exciting bonus rounds, the transformers fight between good and evil can reward you with free spins and money.

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Video slots
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Transformers slot
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Transformers slot
Transformers slot
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Transformers slot
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Transformers slot
Transformers slot
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Transformers slot

Basics of the Transformers Slot

Play Transformers Slot online, this creation by IGT has a fun theme and graphics that are true to the ‘Transformers’ series.


The theme is inspired by the ‘Transformers’ cartoon and retains many of popular elements of the hit series. The scene is Cybertron planet where Autobots and Decepticons are battling it out for dominance.

Theme Music

Soundtrack from the series features in the Transformers Slot. This includes the line asking bots to transform and roll out. For fans of the series and any other player, it adds to the fun element.

Amazing Features

The Transformers Slot game has amazing features like the expanding wilds, and there’s the ultimate playback feature for you to play and profit from.

  • Symbols. Bots in metallic attire are some of the symbols. They have a lower value than some other high-value symbols. The bumblebee has the highest value attached to it. Other symbols include Jazz, Soundwave and Starscream that you may recognize from the original series.
  • Reel and pay line. There are 20 pay lines for you to activate when you play Transformers Slot for real money and place your bets. There are 5 reels to watch as a winning combination shows up on them.
  • Coins. While you can’t place bets if you play Transformers Slot free, you can start betting and playing for payouts by betting in the range of 1 coin to 5 coins on any or each one of the 25 pay lines.
  • Max Bet. The value of your bet determines the amount you can win. The higher your bet amount, the bigger the payout may be. This is one of the slot rules. You can use the max bet button to choose your bet amount for a spin. This lets you bet max for every spin of the reel. You can come out of this mode by adjusting your bet amount anytime you want by changing the setting.
  • A Wonderful Experience

This online game has exciting bonus rounds for you to play and enjoy. It gives you free spins and bonus rounds that you get to play when you draw the symbols that make you eligible for these rounds.

Wild symbol

The Cybertron planet is the wild symbol. It has the power to substitute any other symbol, letting you complete a winning combination as you can use the wild in place of another that you drew to form any of the winning combinations.

The wild also works as a multiplier. When the wild features in one of the winning combinations, you are given a chance to play a game where you choose a planet from the options you see on the screen.

The option you choose has a multiplier value attached to it. The multipliers are in the 2x to 10x range.

Expanding wild

Autobots and Decepticons feature in the bonus rounds. When these symbols show up on reel 2 or 4, the symbols expand to cover up the entire reel. This can win you fun and exciting prizes.

Free Spins

You win free spins when you draw the Optimus Prime symbols and the Megatron symbol on the 1st and 5th reel. This qualifies you to play the ultimate payback bonus. Here you have the option of playing the Megatron or Optimus bonus. You get free spins when the fight symbols land on the 5th reel.

The Total Wins

The gameplay of this casino is easy and fun. Immersing yourself in the experience and using your instincts when the time comes to choose among the planet symbols can win you prizes.

Landing the symbols for the bonus round gets you free spins that increase the possibility of winning payouts. The RTP gives you a fair chance to get rewarded for playing the game.

You don’t require a complex strategy, tips or cheats when playing this one at casinos online. It has the elements to hold your attention and gives you many opportunities to claim the prizes.

Wrap Up

This fantastic slot has a futuristic theme that is fun and entertaining. It draws inspiration from the ‘Transformers’ cartoon and has included many elements from it. For gamers who are already fans of transformers, one more virtual trip to Cybertron and meeting the Autobots and Decepticons heightens the fun appeal.

The symbols and the theme music also add to the entertainment element of playing this one. For players not acquainted with the hit series, the way the game plays out appeals engrosses and entertains.


Transformers slot is inspired by the hit cartoon series of the same name. It has fantastic bonus rounds and jackpots for you to play for and claim.

Transformers slot
Screenshots of Transformers slot
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