Wild Dragon slot
Wild Dragon slot
Play for real money Wild Dragon slot

Wild Dragon slot

The Wild Dragon Slots features lucky symbols from oriental cultures and an exquisite imperial palace. This video slot creation by Amatic has a China-inspired theme. The game offers 10 pay lines and 5 reels for you to place your bets on and go after the wins.

In this game, you get to enjoy yourself as you discover the various treasures and wins that are hidden in the palace walls. Dragon symbols are often associated with good luck and prosperity in many cultures of the east. Will this slot be lucky for you? Play Wild Dragon Slots for real money and find out.

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Video slots
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Wild Dragon slot
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Wild Dragon slot
Wild Dragon slot
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Wild Dragon slot
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Wild Dragon slot
Wild Dragon slot
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Wild Dragon slot

How to Play Wild Dragon Slots

Vibrant and beautiful colours are the backdrop of the Wild Dragon Slots. The screen is brilliant red. Splendid ornaments add a lavish touch of golden and bring richness to the game. Each slot reel is placed in the impressive royal palace.

The command icons are placed at the bottom of the screen. You can choose you to bet and play setting using these. The pay tables feature symbols from Chinese culture. This amazing online casino brings you a game experience that feels like stepping into ancient China and being surrounded by good fortune and lucky elements.

  • The spectacular palace, the game symbols, and the vivid colours create the perfect oriental ambiance and an enjoyable time awaits you here. When you play Wild Dragon Slots machine online, you have each of the 10 payline for your bets.
  • These pay lines are fixed pay lines. The game rules require a player to place bets on all pay lines before a spin. To place a bet, you first choose your bet value.
  • You then place the bet from the command button placed under the reels. The lion, flower, fish, turtle and alter among the symbols of Wild Dragon Slots game. The Phoenix is another symbol of this slot.
  • This is one of the most rewarding symbols. This symbol can win you exciting rewards and money. The wild dragon symbol serves as the wild symbol.

How to Win Wild Dragon Slots

The Wild Dragon Slots has easy gameplay. Although the pay lines are fixed pay lines and cannot be deactivated, this feature can have a positive influence on how much you may win after each spin.

Bigger bets have a chance of bagging you better rewards, and this may be worth keeping in mind as you play for the bonus, free spins round, and jackpots. At these casinos online, each time you play Wild Dragon Slots casino slot online, the visuals are a visual treat, and you get many opportunities of winning.

There are tips and a gameplay strategy that can, perhaps, enhance your chance of winning. The strategy, it is not that it cheats or outsmarts the system, but rather, it works with the rules and may get you a much-sought-after win. For winning the payouts and rewards, you need to draw the winning combination.

The bet value also determines the payout amount. The strategy would be to place a bet of at least 10 credits on the pay lines to possibly land a substantial reward. There is a reward of up to 150 credits when you draw the turtle, lion, fish and alter symbols. The flower symbol can get you 100 credits.

While playing Wild Dragon Slots for free won’t bring in the wins, even a bet of 10 credits can get you exciting rewards. The phoenix symbol is lucky to draw as it can get you up to 200 credits. There is a mini-game you can play for that brings you more thrills and more chances of winning.

Whether to play for the mini or to skip it is up to you. Playing for it is optional. You are given the chance of playing the mini each time after a winning spin. The mini is fun and intriguing to play.

It requires you to use your instincts and make some accurate guesses. For this round, you will see virtual playing cards. You have to pick the right colour. When you get it right, this doubles your payout.

If you guess the suit of the playing cards and get it right, this quadruples your reward. On the downside, a wrong guess can cause your rewards to disappear. Although there is this risk of a wrong guess, the guessing game of the mini is thrilling and heightens your enjoyment of playing this online casino.

Bottom Line

Wild Dragon Slots has a theme that is inspired by Chinese culture. It features a regal palace from ancient China. The visuals of this video slot create a grand and opulent ambiance.

It has game symbols that are associated with luck, prosperity and good fortune. This game has simple gameplay and exciting prizes. The RTP, the visuals and game elements contribute to a positive game experience.

Wild Dragons Slots is a rewarding China-inspired video slot. Play for the lucrative prizes and find out if the lucky dragon symbols will bring you luck.

Wild Dragon slot
Screenshots of Wild Dragon slot
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